So when is breaking the law and not following the state statutes OK?  If you're a Milwaukee Democrat.

SRollandMKE County Supervisor Shawn Rolland admitted to a "mistake" by falsifying nomination papers so he could qualify for the 2022 ballot to run for the 6th County Supervisor District.  Make no mistake, this was not a mistake, it was a willful act from a candidate who was too lazy to go out and get the required signatures from people he wanted to serve.  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a mistake is "a wrong action or statement proceeding from faulty judgment, inadequate knowledge or inattention".  That is not what happened.

This was Rolland's second run for the office and was at the time a sitting supervisor, so it wasn't a rookie mistake.  From the criminal  complaint here's a screenshot of Rollands signature on the falsified nomination papers.Criminal Complaint   Rolland Shawn M 2023CM001757 Rolland Shawn M 20897213 1 So what is the penalty for breaking Wis. State 12.13.(3)(a)?
Wisconsin Legislature 12.133a
I'm not a lawyer, but it seems that the Wauwatosa Supervisor committed a felony and should be disqualified from holding office (except federal) in the State of Wisconsin.  According to the WEC manual for candidates running for office, Rolland should have known better and clearly and purposefully feloniously broke the law. From the above-mentioned manual. 
BallotManual 2That doesn't even take into account that Rolland's homemade ballot box is at best a violation of the law and WEC's guidance.  There is no way that he sat in his house and watched all the people sign the papers, he even admits that.  A simple question is why he wouldn't take the time and energy to walk the streets of the 6th District to meet people or get off the Lazy-Boy to say hello to those who took the time to come to his house and sign the forms.

Basically, this is another travesty of justice in Milwaukee County and a total disregard for following election laws.  Why would Asst. DA Matthew Richard Westphal and his Democratic boss, MKE County DA John Chisholm plea bargain a clear violation of election laws?  And Judge Jack L. Davila, why would he accept such a weak excuse for committing the felony and the penalty for the mockery of election laws that are already under attack?

I'm sure politics has nothing to do with their decision.