Democratic voters in Milwaukee are turning away from the feel-good do-nothing rhetoric of progressive elected officials and that scares the Democratic Party, and rightly so.

Voters in the city are tired of the political left hiding behind their desks, if they even visit their offices, and only seeing them during the election season with hollow messages to get their vote.  The political narration that the Republicans are the boogeyman and every failed policy is their fault is losing its impact.  You can only deny your incompetence for so long before people realize that words without real action mean nothing. People want action, not unfulfilled promises. That’s the hole liberals in Milwaukee have dug for themselves.

Spindell01Bob Spindell recently sent a poorly worded email about the slow success that Republicans are having with disenfranchised voters in Milwaukee.  The response by Democrats is to call for the resignation of Spindell from the WEC and the red letter “R” to be applied to his lapel.  They also want the Republicans in Milwaukee to stop informing voters on issues and the lack of any serious efforts by the political left to achieve their lofty non-goals. That’s the epitome of voter suppression.  How dare Republicans show voters the ineptness of Democrats in doing anything to improve conditions in Milwaukee and around the state.

I’ve listened to the three commercials that were aired in the Milwaukee radio market and there is not one instance of telling people to not vote.  All three ads reinforce the futility of Gov. Evers, Mandella Barnes, and Rep. Gwen Moore in unsuccessfully representing voters. 

The city of Milwaukee has poured millions of dollars into Get Out The Vote efforts over the last few elections.  The common council has basically given the Milwaukee Election Commission an open checkbook to persuade voters to cast ballots and has accepted Mark Zuckerberg money ($3,409,500) to also accomplish that.  Looking at the results those efforts have been fruitless, for the reason stated in this piece.  Hollow promises mean nothing.

Even with the backing of false non-partisan groups like Souls to the Polls, BLOC, Voces de la Frontera, NextGenAmerica, and others, voters aren’t buying the program of the political left.

The time of Democratic arrogance when the vote is concerned is coming to an end.  The percentage of Latino voters voting Republican and Conservative in Milwaukee is growing and I would venture a guess that the same will happen with the black community very soon.  One can see the trend of “I’m not voting for you because my grandparents did, so I’m giving the other side a chance to prove what they can do" is at hand.

To complain about aggressive methods and motives to win elections is foolishness and partisan pablum.  All sides do their best to impress voters to cast their ballot for them or against their opponents.  That’s politics.