GlennASP01Yes Milwaukee, there is an answer to the uptick in violence that permeates our city.  It's been successfully accomplished before and can be implemented victoriously again.  Area Saturation Patrol (ASP) is the answer and after reading retired Police Captian Glenn D. Frankovis's book of the same title, it's a common-sense solution.

Now it will take all concerned people to become involved and buy into the fix.  This includes the Mayor, the Common Council, the Fire and Police Commission, the police infrastructure, the DA, and most importantly the concerned and attacked citizens of the city.  From my small silo, it's my understanding that people are tired of not being able to enjoy the inalienable right of the Pursuit of Happiness.  It's time to give them a reason and a person to vote for.

The process is simple but will take the powers that be to stand firm and that includes standing up to the attack from the ACLU and the Collins Agreement the city currently operates under.

Area Saturation Patrol can be summed up as decentralized preemptive policing with the cooperation and communication of local citizens and that includes active neighborhood groups.    The goal of ASP is to create crime-free neighborhoods with Street Sweeper Operations to tackle problems before they become unmanageable.  Because of the immediate availability of ASP's they are able to attend to potential problems on a timely basis and that grows not only the safety of people but the communication between the police and citizens. 

Before anyone thinks this is a partisan policy ploy, it's important to note that former Judge Derek Mosley wrote the introduction to this book, and the strategy was supported by former Police Chief Arthur Jones.  It's a strategy that's been successful in the past and will work again.

As Glenn states in his book, "Enforcement of all City Ordinances and State Statutes is imperative if this mission is to accomplish its goals".  It's time for city leaders to stop with useless commissions and studies and take real action to protect Milwaukee.

The book is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon at a cost of $12.95.  Worth the investment in money and time.