LaborDay2023aMilwaukee's made-up MKE Peace Week didn't quite live up to expectations as 21 people were shot with 3 being killed.

It's not that Milwaukee leaders aren't trying, it's just they don't have the fortitude to make the tough decisions and instead keep trying things that haven't worked in the past and won't work in the future.  Milwaukee doesn't need more meetings and paper mandates, they need to put pressure on themselves to take a tough stand and putting political pressure on the DA and Judges to stop the soft-on-crime attitudes they have accepted as usual.

The mayor has spent the week fixing potholes wearing a long sleeve shirt and tie, bragging about the bang-up job the faux Office of Violence Prevention is doing, and showing up whenever the TV station cameras show up at any glimmer of positive news.

When there is terrible news Mayor Johnson and the common council are nowhere to be found.