I have to admit, I don't trust most media on both the left and right.  The underlying issues for me is the hypocritical bias and the lack of informative questions they don't ask.

NewBias01In Milwaukee, David D. King sent out a press release about his announcement that he is running for mayor of the city to all the major news outlets on Monday, May 22 at noon in the heart of the city.  He had over 20 volunteers (not paid by anyone including outside groups) show up in support.  Where were the news outlets?  Nowhere to be seen.  When a group of five protesters show up to announce their grievances the news stations are all over that like bees to honey.  I guess we know what sells ads and it isn't positive news.

Monday at least one of the Milwaukee stations covered the current mayor in a staged propaganda-filled "news story" fixing a pothole, in a tie and business shoes. If Chevy really cared he would have spent the day helping the crews fill the potholes, not just one to feed the media photo op. Was it a coincidence that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran an article on Tuesday bemoaning the fact that "Milwaukee has some of the worst road conditions in the country?"   You decide.

"Milwaukee has some of the worst road conditions in the nation, according to a study from California-based software company Teletrac Navman. Tied in fourth for the worst road conditions in the country, more than half of Milwaukee's roads are currently in "poor condition," according to the study. The average cost to maintain or repair a car damaged in Milwaukee due to bad road conditions is $944."

The mayor also announced on Monday a bogus MKE Peace Week, that basically does nothing but paper over the ills the city is facing.  One week of the year?  How about every day of the year?  Hey MKE leadership get out from behind your desks if you even show up at City Hall and do something concrete rather than pander to the media with press releases and pontification when the cameras are rolling.

 Screenshot 2023 05 23 at 22 49 01 Budget boost could help Milwaukee DPW keep up with potholes  peaceweekwebsitebanner 1  MKE Peace Week is a week created by Mayor Cavalier Johnson that is dedicated to promoting peace and unity throughout the City of Milwaukee  
It's time for the media to stop catering to the abysmal leadership and make them answer for decades of poor decisions.  Ask them the follow-up question and don't just buy into the false narrative they are pushing.  I would like to know why only police, fire, garbage pick-up, and other services that directly affect everyday Milwaukeeans are the ones on the chopping block in this self-made financial crisis and not the top-heavy bureaucratic commissions and do nothing studies aren't. Why aren't common council jobs?  Maybe someday a "reporter" will wonder that too.  Is the media afraid that by not playing the leadership's game of hide and seek they will not be privy to the next lines of political gamesmanship and propaganda?  Perhaps they believe the everyday voter can't handle the ugly truth.