Let’s do a bit of Wisconsin Supreme Court long ballin’. 

zieglerlgFirst, we need to congratulate Annette Kingsland Ziegler on her reelection as Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  The two-year term will begin May 1, 2023. The position is different from the US Supreme Court Justice in that it is mostly administrative in nature.  So why does that matter?  

Depending on the outcome of the current Supreme Court election the Chief Justice position may well swing to Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in 2025. If uber lefty Judge Janet Protasiewicz wins, it would be safe to assume the Democrats on the bench will vote for Bradley to be the new Chief Justice in 2025. bradleylg

If Justice Bradley is elected chief, I would think that would be an incentive for the then-aged 75-year-old Justice whose current term ends in 2025 to run for another ten-year term. 

If Dan Kelly wins the current election, one could assume that Chief Justice Ziegler would remain in that position and remove the incentive for Bradly to run again in 2025. 

There are many things that could change the above scenario as 2 years seems to be a lifetime in politics. Just thinking out loud and this is total conjecture.