Referendum01Milwaukee is in a financial downfall, by all accounts the city and county are facing bankruptcy if the state doesn't fold and give the poor leadership a free financial ride after years of mismanagement.  We encourage the State Legislature to give the people of the city and county of Milwaukee the opportunity to determine their future and that includes finally holding the policymakers accountable. 


People often complain about complacent voting and this is a chance to awaken voters and encourage them to bypass the hate-filled ads, one-sided media interviews and look for truth in issues.

Make no mistake, the influx of proposed money and taxes is really nothing more than a short-term bandaid.  No one inside the political elite will admit that the proposed fixes will not be the long-term solution.  Media sources willing to look past the immediate landscape have discovered this and honest reporting tells the story that this additional money will not stop cuts in services and jobs.  The information is out there if one's willing to look.

Another problem is that not only are those in "political power" looking for a free ride of responsibility but many business leaders are begging the state legislature and governor to bypass the voters of Milwaukee so their businesses will continue to be unimpeded by the failing course Milwaukee's been on for decades.  A regressive tax for the residents of the city and county is not the permanent answer as can be seen by the county's request to up the current proposed sales tax increase from .0375% to .05%.  It's obvious that the attitude of electeds is Milwaukee will be never taxed enough.

The solution is not easy and the consequences of any action will not be pleasurable for everyone.  True leaders are willing to put their careers on the line to stand up for what is right.  If they can't do it, they need to leave and allow others to make the stand.