Back in January, the media was all abuzz about voter suppression and the Republican Party, particularly Bob Spindell words.  In a recent very unbiased article by DNyuz news about the Wisconsin Supreme Court race the author states the following:

DontVote01"The Protasiewicz strategy is to pound away on advertising to energize Democrats while depressing Republican support.
“For the typical voter, 90 percent of what they learn about this election is probably going to wind up being from campaign ads,” said Ben Wikler, the chairman of the state Democratic Party."

How does a national publication understand the obvious, yet local media overlooks an undeniable political advertising strategy?  Will all the TV stations and shows, printed media, and interwebs media interview those running Judge Janet's campaign and Ben Wikler about the obvious statements by the campaign about voter suppression?  Or is it only important when the political right admits to the obvious ramifications of political ads and conversations?

It's time media on both the right and the left report the news with balance in mind and not their political bias.  And if they do, be honest and upfront about their prejudices.  By the way, non-partisan is often nothing more than an IRS designation, not a political stance.