ChantiaLewis02Chantia Lewis, the disgraced felon who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations has threatened to turn in a candidate for the Common Council because they didn't pull all their campaign yard signs within the 7-day period after they were unsuccessful in their run for office.  That's a common problem in Milwaukee and not everyone can canvass the district and get all the signs in the 7-day period. Unlike the former dishonored alder, people actually have to work.  Heck, we still have Obama and Evers signs being displayed in yards in the city. The signs for the candidate who was threatened by the shamed former alderperson were taken down over two weekends after the election. 

So let's look at this hypocrisy by the convicted felon.  She pleaded guilty to a felony: misconduct in public office and “A review of the documents for all of the alderpersons showed material inconsistencies in Lewis’s filings as well as in her reimbursement for city-approved travel. In particular, they showed that Lewis had received reimbursement from the City of Milwaukee for travel, which travel she then paid for out of her campaign account, Chantia 4 Progress, keeping the reimbursement for herself” says the complaint.1

She was charged with [1] Misconduct in Public Office (Act in Excess of Lawful Authority, [2] Theft (Embezzlement, value exceeding $10,000), [3] Theft by Fraud (value not exceeding $2,500), [4] Campaign Finance - Intentionally File False Report or Statement, [5] Campaign Finance - Intentionally Accept Unlawful Disbursement

She also claimed a lack of knowledge of campaign laws as the reason that she broke the laws she was convicted of.  The hypocrisy of this is beyond a Babylon Bee headline.  This is the type of hypocrisy that is prevalent in the City of Milwaukee.  If you're a Democrat, then the laws don't apply to you, but if you don't tow the liberal line you are held to an overly strict enforcement of laws.
(quote from Urban Milwaukee, Dec 7, 2022).