ChangeLaw01There seems to be a predicament in state politics that can be easily taken care and it should garner support from both Democrats and Republicans.  It's the length of terms for those who serve on commissions and boards.

Currently, the focus is on Megan Wolfe, the administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, and in the recent past, it was Frederick Prehn, a former member of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  Both have stayed in their positions past the limit of their terms.

What can be done?  Maybe it's time the governor and the legislature do their jobs and look at the laws about these positions and make changes so it stops being an issue and allows them to work on matters of greater importance.

What changes can be made?  Change the language of the law to be more specific about the terms of service and how they are administered. A solution would be not only to state the terms of service but also how and when the governor and WEC must appoint persons to these positions and when the state senate must act on their confirmations. 

We need to stop the stalemate and playing politics and the two arms of government should stop bowing to the courts to do their legislative jobs.